"Dr. Kat was amazing to work with! She diagnosed my son with autism (he had been to a specialist in the past who said he didn’t have it, so this really helped us to understand him better and get the right treatment such as ABA therapy to help him). She also worked with us to find the right medicine and natural supplements to support his ADHD and anxiety. This also included some testing to gain some additional insights as to which medication would work best for him. It was great to have a doctor that really put my son and his needs at the center of the care circle. He is now getting great reports from his school and is a much happier teenager (which makes the whole family a whole lot happier!) Thank you Dr. “Kit Kat” as my son likes to call her."

-Parent of middle-school aged patient

"Yellow Brick Clinic: Integrative ADHD, Autism, Developmental-Behavioral Health is a place of hope for our family. The staff is kind, courteous, and willing to do what it takes to help any person that walks into their preview. Dr. Kat is the best! She is smart, funny, and intuitive. We truly wouldn't be where we are today as a family if it wasn't for YBC. The positive changes to our physical and emotional health has allowed us to reconnect and become closer to each other. Thank you!!!"

-Parent of three elementary, middle, and high school-aged patients

"Hi Dr. Kat,  First, HAPPY VALENTINES DAY!!   I wanted to also say, Thank you so much!!  You are one of the most pure hearted, compassionate, and determined medical professionals I have met. You told me in the beginning when, I was at my mentally weakest point that you would not give up.  You kept that promise and today was probably one the beat days we have had in a long time.  My son had a calm enough body and focus to play UNO with his daddy and brothers.  So blessed thank you so much!!" 

-Parent of young man with developmental disabilities

"Getting the right diagnosis does matter, and it's very relieving to finally have it. I have been bounced between mental health professionals for years and given the wrong medications over and over, making my health worse. With the correct diagnoses, I can get the accommodations and support I need. Knowing I have EDS helps both me and many of my family members figure out how to take care of ourselves to avoid pain and injury in the future.

My last psychiatrist said "horses not zebras" to me without ever thinking outside her box. I think doctors need awareness of EDS, and psychiatry needs awareness of autism and ADHD in their patients. Not all physical pain is from depression, and not everything they don't understand is a personality disorder. I have been this way my whole life, but I also don't want psychiatry to think it's all bad. Not all my differences have to be fixed, and with the right diagnoses, so many things finally make sense."

-College student patient

Dr. Mandie is a fantastic provider. She really cares about her patients and takes the time to fully understand their unique situations and needs. Her process is very thorough and I have found her to be patient, kind, and empathetic. I would recommend Dr. Mandie to anyone who is looking for a great psych professional to support them on their healing journey!

                                                                                                                                     -Young adult patient seen for autism

Fees for Service

Please check that your individual health care plan has YBC providers in-network, this is patient responsibility.

*Private Pay, many commercial insurances, Tricare, and most Apple Health/Medicaid Insurances (Washington) are covered (YBC is not accepting NEW medicaid referrals at this time)

*UHC OPTUM and Kaiser patients may need to call their insurances to obtain preauthorization and provide that to YBC in the Charm Portal. Kaiser patients must provide a $2500 deposit or proof of pre-authorization.

*When patients call insurances, please ask if "adaptive testing" is required to order ABA Therapy services if this is wanted. If so, this is up to patient to request (Tricare patients must have this).

*Medicaid patients: We have reserved 20% of the YBC patient capacity to serve patients with Washington Medicaid as primary/only insurance. When we are again accepting new Medicaid referrals this YBC website will be updated.

*Children/youth on the Medicaid only waitlist will be offered registration/appointments when there are openings in accordance to this ratio/policy.

*Patients must disclose if Medicaid is covering the registering patient as primary, secondary, etc. If you have a Commercial Insurance (Private policy) then please disclose that upfront as you may otherwise have the referral screened out as we have paused taking Medicaid only referrals to catch up).

*Tricare patients are welcomed for evaluation and recommendations with Dr. Kat, DNP. YBC appreciates our U.S. Service Members and families!

*Medication management/stabilization/longer-term services are on a case-by-case basis determined by the particular medical provider seen.

*Services covered by insurance are provided at the contracted rate of the covered insurance; fee-for-service patients/non-covered insured patients will be billed at the YBC fee schedule.

*Payment and co-pays are due at time of service, with required credit card on file that will be charged co-pays, co-insurance, and non-covered fees (such as deductibles) after submitting first to insurance companies for reimbursement.

*Accounts must be kept in good standing to have follow-up or continued appointments with YBC.

*Once insurance has reimbursed, patient balances are due in full within 30 days of billing.

*If payment arrangements are needed, this must be arranged with Nightingale Medical Billing within the first 30 days of the billing cycle.

*Unpaid balances will be collected in full within 30 days, or if over 30 days they will be charged a 1.5% interest rate. *Balances over 90 days are sent to collections with a 30% fee added.

*Any lab, genetic, specialty testing, or alternative therapies that are not billable to insurance are the responsibility of the patient to pay directly to the individual company utilized. These are optional, but YBC clinicians seek to offer multi-disciplinary and integrative tools for wellness.

*Dr. Kathleen Johnson, DNP, PMHNP-BC, FNP-BC, C-PMHS Licenses: Washington, Oregon, Florida. Dr. Kat sees patients ages 2-25 years. She is contracted with most commercial insurances, medicaid/Apple Health, Medicare, Tricare, Kaiser First Choice (NOT in network with regular Kaiser). Oregon patients seeking autism, ADHD, or EDS/HSD evaluation/care may be scheduled with deposit for first two visits.

*Cassie Thompson, MSN, PMHNP-BC Licences: Washington, Montana, Colorado, & Arizona. Cassie, PMHNP is seeing patients age 13-25 years (high school and college-aged).

*Bianca Scanlon, MSN, FNP-BC Licenses: Washington & Idaho. Bianca, FNP is seeing patients aged 4 - 25 years (focuses with children through middle school, but sees some older patients as well).

*Therapist Avalon Valencia, MSW, LICSW, MHP Licenses: Washington. Currently paneling with insurances, accepting fee-for-service patients. Sees patients aged 15-25 years. Avalon has specialty in Trauma-based CBT, EMDR, experienced with EDS/HSD, autism, ADHD, anxiety challenges.

Codes Billed: 99205, 99215, 99417, 90833, 90836, 90838, 96127, 96110, 96112, 96113, 96113, 96146, 96132, 96133, 96136, 96138, 99202, 96121, 96146, 90792, and sometimes other behavioral/mental health codes for those that need to reach out to their insurance companies. Fee-for-service patients will be given a super-bill that reflects commonly used visit codes.

NPI Numbers for Insurance: YBC Clinic's NPI: 1932687704; Dr. Kat ARNP's NPI: 1871010306;  Avalon Valencia, LICSW's NPI: 1558814061

Fee for Service: Fee schedule available upon request; Fee-for-Service (credit card) rates are competitive with local practitioners, fee-for-services patients will be given a super-bill to give their insurance companies, estimate below.

Out-of-pocket autism evaluations average approximately $2500 to $3000 for the first 2 - 3 visits for evaluation and diagnosis, as there is extensive time spent with evaluation, document review, report writing, and discussion of findings and next steps, ordering genetic testing, and referring to needed services. Follow up visits are less expensive and usually entail a 99214/15, 96127, and 90833 and are about every three months for ongoing medication management and support.

Patients with insurances that your particular practitioner is contracted with, reimbursement is dependent on the allowed rates, but you are still responsible for copays, co-insurance, and/or non-covered services.

Patients with out-of-network insurance plans or out-of-WA state are required to pay a $2500 deposit to schedule the first two visits.

We do not bill insurance for non-Washington residents. You will be billed at the time of your visit for any remaining balance and be provided a super-bill to submit to your personal insurance for reimbursement.

YBC provides all services in Telehealth only. We love making "house calls" and believe we can provide needed services in this venue. You may ZOOM from several locations to the appointment if necessary (can share link from appointment reminder)

Please ensure you are physically in a state that your provider is practicing in. Fee for service patients outside of Washington must see a provider that has a license in that state.

Initial visits should be from home or quiet location where kids can move around and parents can speak freely (in private about sensitive topics) from a computer or tablet with a larger screen (not phone) for the initial developmental-behavioral history intake visit.

Children through college-aged Youth should have a parent, sibling, or other family member present at the initial evaluation visit.

Young Adults will be asked to have a family member or friend from youth complete an assessment form.

Please upload to CHARM: IEP/504 plan, report cards with teacher comments, and any other developmental testing.

PCP may FAX last chart note with vital signs and previous diagnoses and care, or parent may upload to the portal and share.

Follow-up and med-check visits may be done remotely from your smartphone or other video-capable device at school, parked car, work, etc.

Patient must Telehealth from the same state as their provider is licensed (i.e.: Washington, Oregon, Idaho, etc.).

We LOVE making Telehealth "House Calls" and look forward to being part of your care team!

Please FAX referral from your primary care provider to register for an evaluation/services with YBC: 833-631-6941