Yellow Brick Clinic’s Beginning…

I thought I’d share how Yellow Brick Clinic came to be…

I believe we ALL have a Superpower, or something we are really talented, designed for, blessed with…something that makes us unique and special. Mine is caring for other people, so becoming a Nurse Practitioner was a bonus! As a kid I dressed up in a Nurse’s outfit, used every band-aid in the house (on Mrs. Beasley) and my grandmother’s nickname for me was “Nurse Jane”. This was my life’s path from the beginning!

When moving in 2017, I found my 8th grade report card! This led me to post on Facebook about girls with ADHD, since I’d gone from a D/F in 8th grade Health class to graduating with Honors in a Master’s Degree in Nursing (MSN) years later. My son saw this, smacked his head with his hand, laughed and said, “This gives me HOPE!” Friends who read that post encouraged me to follow that passion for trying to elicit change in how stigma is viewed…if 8-10% of the population has ADHD, then it is not “abnormal” but a “variation of normal”.

After graduating and taking NP boards, I looked for practices that intertwined developmental and behavioral issues together, but it was very difficult to find. I thought about the type of integrative healthcare that looks at the whole person I wanted to provide, not just physical or just behavioral. I also wanted to be open to offering alternative or holistic medicine ideas, such as altering diet and using supplements when possible.

Yellow Brick Clinic was named by my son, after I had posted on Facebook a request to help think of a good practice name, stating we live near the “Emerald City” I went on to diagnose all the Wizard of Oz characters; the Lion with Anxiety Disorder, Tinman with PTSD, Scarecrow a little ADHD, and Dorothy perhaps Substance Abuse (Poppies!). I also thought about how each character helped each other along a very tough journey full of hardships and surprises. These characters learn that they each had strength within them all along, and helped each other along the way to discover that, and build amazing friendship. It is the relationships we build in our lives that gives us support as we build the scaffolding within and grow more capable to do what we are built for!

At Yellow Brick Clinic, we are here to partner with you on your own path, to help you weather the journey and come out of it stronger, hopefully achieving YOUR dreams and goals. Whether you are a parent with concerns for your child’s development, have an adolescent with emotional struggles, or an adult who has wondered if you may have ADHD or autism traits, we are here to support you!
Please let us know if we can help in any way!

Warmly, KatΒ 
“Dr-Nurse Kat”


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